Final Sale on the 2022 Eva Lynd Calendar


At PulpFest 2021, when Wyatt Doyle and I gave our talk about Eva Lynd, the legendary artist’s model, pinup model, and actress, we released THE AUTHORIZED 2022 EVA LYND CALENDAR.

Only a handful of those calendars are left. So, if you want one as a collector’s item before they’re gone, act soon.

You can get one of my remaining copies at a special discount via the bookstore listing at this link, or via my eBay listings here.

I’ve done many posts about Eva on this blog.

Wyatt and I also co-edited the popular book about her, EVA: MEN’S ADVENTURE SUPERMODEL. It’s available in paperback and deluxe expanded hardcover editions via Amazon worldwide, Barnes & Noble, Bud’s Art Books, Stuart Ng Books, and other booksellers, as well as in my own online bookstore.

The book includes examples of the many illustrations and glamour girl photos Eva modeled for that appeared in men’s adventure magazines (MAMs), bachelor mags and other periodicals in 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

It also delves into her TV and movie appearances. In those, she was sometimes billed as Eva von Fielitz, her birth name.

Eva appeared in a number of popular TV shows back in the day, such as THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW, THE GARRY MOORE SHOW, THE THIN MAN, PETER GUNN, THE TEXAN, HOGAN’S HEROES and CAGNEY & LACEY. She had roles in two movies that have cult followings: THE HYPNOTIC EYE (1960) and THAT LADY FROM PEKING (1975).

She also appeared in many plays, print ads and TV commercials.

One of her most widely-seen roles was as the “The Brylcreem Girl in the Tube.” She’s the gorgeous gal who emerges from a tube of Brylcreem hair cream in the classic ‘60s TV commercial that ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY named one of the “50 Best Commercials of All Time.”

Today, Eva and her husband, fellow actor Warren Munson, still appear in occasional print ads and TV commercials, together and separately. Most recently, Eva was in a funny commercial for Vistaprint titled “Fish” (viewable online here).

Eva’s book helped give her a new wave of recognition and fans and led to an invitation to be the special guest of honor at the 2020 PulpFest convention. The PulpFest organizers even created a very cool poster featuring one of the Norm Eastman cover paintings Eva modeled for, originally used on the cover of NEW MAN, December 1968. (Wyatt and I also used it for the cover of the deluxe hardcover edition of EVA: MEN’S ADVENTURE SUPERMODEL.)

They also published an article I wrote about Eva in the 2020 edition of THE PULPSTER magazine. I scanned that article and made a flip page copy available online at this link.

Left: the 2020 PULPFEST poster featuring Eva Lynd. Above: the cover of PULPSTER 2020
The first page of my article about Eva Lynd in the PULPSTER magazine 2020 issue.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, PulpFest 2020 had to be canceled. The organizers did re-invite Eva to be guest of honor at PulpFest 2021. Alas, she was not able to go.

However, Wyatt and I had fun giving our presentation about her to an enthusiastic audience. It included a video greeting from Eva.

In addition, Eva provided us with individually signed copies of three different 8″x10″ photos of herself. We’ll gave one to each PulpFest attendee who buys a hardcover edition of her book. Two are luscious pinup photos, one by Peter Basch and one by Earl Leaf. The third features one of the many MAM covers by artist Norm Eastman that Eva and the legendary male model Steve Holland modeled for together, MAN’S CONQUEST, October 1968.

The cover of the 2022 Eva Lynd Calendar features another photo of Eva taken by Peter Basch, one of many top glamour girl photographers who shot photos of Eva for men’s magazines and photography books in the ’50s and ’60s.

On the calendar’s inside back cover, there’s a recent pic of Eva holding the paperback edition of her book. (In case you’re wondering, the deluxe hardcover edition includes more artwork and photos of Eva than the paperback and some other bonus content.)

Below are scans of the pages of calendar pages…

The January page shows a photo spread of Eva by photographer Wil Blanche from MAN’S DAY, April 1961.

February features two ads from 1957 issues of PLAYBOY that Eva modeled for: one for Griffin Microsheen boot polish, the other for Kentucky Club pipe tobaccos in the “Kenseal” pouch. That year, Eva had been picked as “Miss Kenseal of 1957” and appeared in various Kentucky Club promotional materials. A few years ago, Eva’s head and shoulders from the Kentucky Club ad was used for a limited edition line of Anne Taintor fashion accessories that are now hard-to-find collector’s items.

The March page of the 2022 Eva Lynd Calendar shows one of the many original paintings by Norm Eastman that Eva modeled for, next to the cover it was used on: MEN TODAY, March 1967.

The April calendar page has a scan of one of the LP album covers Eva modeled for, a 1956 recording of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade by Orchestra Of The Vienna State Opera.

May features a photo spread with photos of Eva taken by Charles Kell, another top mid-20th Century pinup photographer. This spread was published in the July 1958 issue of the men’s magazine VUE.

The June page shows a lobby card with a still photo of Eva from the campy spy caper film THAT LADY FROM PEKING (a.k.a THAT GIRL FROM PEKING). She didn’t get top billing in that film, which also featured Carl Betz, Bobby Rydell, Nancy Kwan and Sid Melton. But she did have a major role (credited as Eva Von Feilitz). And, in her book, she discusses fond memories she has of shooting the movie in Australia in 1969.

The July calendar page uses one of the many MAM interior illustrations by artist Al Rossi that Eva modeled for. (You can see many more, plus some of Al’s reference photos of Eva in her book and in these previous posts. This one was used in ACTION FOR MEN, May 1966.

August features a photo spread from the men’s bachelor mag NUGGET, December 1956, with steamy pics of Eva shot by Wil Blanche.

The September page has another Al Rossi illo Eva modeled for, from STAG, March 1958. Eva modeled for all of the women in that one. Steve Holland was Rossi’s model for the men. In case you didn’t know, Holland the model for thousands of magazine covers and interiors and paperback cover paintings created by scores of artists during the last half of the 20th Century. He was, quite literally, the “World’s Greatest Illustration Art Model,” as noted in the subtitle of a forthcoming book about him by my friend Michael Stradford. That book will be a follow-up to Michael’s recently published book STEVE HOLLAND: THE TORN SHIRT SESSIONS. The title reflects the fact that Holland was the model for Doc Savage in the Doc Savage paperback cover paintings by James Bama and other artists. In those cover paintings, Holland is shown wearing Doc’s iconic torn white shirt.

The photo used for the October calendar page is one of Eva Lynd’s favorites. It was taken by Jerry Yulsman, best known for his classic photos of Beat writer Jack Kerouac but who also did pinup photos. Yulsman’s photos of Eva appeared in a number of men’s magazines. This one comes from a Yulsman photo spread in REAL ADVENTURE, March 1958.

November features another Al Rossi illustration for which he used Eva Lynd and Steve Holland as models. It comes from FOR MEN ONLY, June 1964.

The December page is graced with a classic Eva Lynd centerfold spread by Charles Kell, used in the men’s pinup photo mag SHE in February 1958.

As I said, we only printed a limited number of the 2022 Eva Lynd calendars, so get your copy while they last. Even if you don’t need a calendar, I suspect they will become unique collector’s items.

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