Men’s Adventure Quarterly #4 — the “Jungle Girls” story and art issue (PAPERBACK)


Men’s Adventure Quarterly #4 — the “Jungle Girls” issue, featuring Jane Dolinger, Marion Michael, & more…


This issue of MEN’S ADVENTURE QUARTERLY collects classic stories and artwork from vintage men’s adventure magazines that feature both fiction “Jungle Girls” — the savage siren of men’s adventure fiction — and special features about two real-life Jungle Girls: travel/adventure writer and pinup model “JUNGLE JANE” DOLINGER and actress MARION MICHAEL, who played LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS!

Jane Dolinger spent her career traveling to the most remote spots across the globe. From head-shrinking cannibals in the Amazon to the secrets of a Sheik’s harem, “Jungle Jane” was writing, shooting, and modeling for some of the wildest stories for men’s adventure magazines and bachelor like MODERN MAN.

MARION MICHAEL was a teen model-turned-actress in Germany when she was catapulted onto the silver screen as LIANE, JUNGLE GODDESS! Thanks to some canny producers, she became Germany’s answer to Brigitte Bardot launching her career. Both of her jungle girl movies were promoted heavily to men’s adventure readers, and we delve into the phenomenon that was Marion Michael.

This issue also tells tales of Jungle She-Wolves, Topless Armies, Jaguar Princesses, Battles for Jungle Brides, and Amazon Love Compounds — all brought to life by the finest action illustrators like Mort Künstler, James Bama, Vic Prezio, and Clarence Doore.